Worldwide Insurance

What is included in WorlWide Travel Insurance

Travel insurance will provide cover for the following :

  • Medical Treatment : Should you fall ill or get injured  whilst on holiday. A previous medical condition would also be covered had you informed the broker and was accepted within the policy
  • Repatriation: Return to the UK If  necessary.  
  • Disruption of Holiday : If anything goes wrong with your travel or accommodation arrangements. 

Should I take out worldwide travel insurance?

This can help when things to not go according to plan, take a moment to consider the following things that do happen on a regular basis.  

  • Your baggage  is either lost in transit or stolen.
  • Flight delays that impact your travel schedule
  • Last minute emergency that means you must cancel your trip.  
  • You need medical treatment for injury or illness.

What cover is provided for personal belongings and luggage

The amount of cover will vary, but most policies will pay out at least £1,500 . However if you are travelling with lots of gadgets you may wish to consider taking out a separate gadget insurance policy.

Annual or Single Trip Which Should I Purchase?

The answer will depend if you are just planning a simple annual holiday in the sun or snow and do not plan any further trips then a single trip will be the best option and cheaper than the multi option.    

A multi trip policy is aimed at the regular traveller with multiple overseas trips each year. This option will let you make saving over taking out multiple single trip policies.

What other types of insurance do you offer 

We offer insurance for  a wide variety of products not only travel related. For example if you run a uk business and need ​minibus  insurance we can help you by providing multple comparative quotes.