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Depending on your traveling itinerary, the decision to opt for car rental and campervan hire could prove profitable and a wise one. Renting the car or a campervan can prove a massive upgrade and huge advantage over waiting for public transportation or paying for a cab every time you are in a new country. Renting a car or campervan is better for distances that you cannot cover by walking. However, you must be aware of the hidden costs before choosing car rental.

Insurance Policy

Depending on the type of credit card that you own, catering for car rental insurance would be a non-issue. This insurance is quite expensive and only helps increase the cost of car rentals and campervan hires. Depending on your destination, the insurance could be anything from $10 and $25. Your credit card company might allow the use of the card to cater for car rental services at no additional costs and cover the insurance as well. Check with your credit card company first.

Cost of Damage

Call the credit card company and ask them about the actual costs of car rental and campervan hire that they cover. Talk to them about the costs and extends of damages that they cover. Some companies have no problem covering all the costs. Other companies will only cover a specific percentage. Other credit card companies might refuse to cover costs if the car rental or campervan hire company assessed the extent and value of the damages.

Cost of Allowing Children to Drive

If you are under 25 years old, ask the car rental company about the fees that they need you to pay. Any of your children traveling with you who are under 25 years should also not be allowed to drive, not unless you are ready to pay the extra fees. Car rental firms never allowed people under 21 years to drive rented cars until a few years ago when they made the necessary changes. The age limit now stands at 25 years.

Cost of Extra Drivers

If you tell the car rental company that you will be driving, do not allow any other person to take the steering wheel. If you register more than one driver, expect to pay more, even if all the additional drivers are older than 25 years. Therefore, it would be a great idea to limit the drivers to only one or two and ensure that you register their names with the rental company. If you do this, expect to save plenty of money.

Finally, let the car rental or campervan hire company to know the routes, roads and destinations you plan to travel. If possible, keep driving only along paved roads where the likelihood of damaging the car is much lower. Do not buy gas from the car rental company. Visit the local gas station to replenish the depleting gas prior to returning the rented car or hired campervan back to the owner.

If you are traveling as an international tourist, do not rent any car or hire a campervan from the counters located at the local airports. This would mean paying extra for the airport fee. The best choice is to take a shuttle to the local hotel where you will be staying and hire the campervan or rent a car while there. Alternatively, ask the driver of the shuttle service to take you to the offices of a local car rental or campervan company and get what you need from them.