Travel Insurance – What You Must Know Before Leaving for Iceland

The northern skies might convince you to visit Iceland during winter with their lusciousness. The country is charming in many ways. The flocks of puffins that are seen perching on sea cliffs are some of the attractions in summer. Glacier walking, white water rafting, sea kayaking and caving are other charms that you would find hard to resist. Nevertheless, what you can’t ignore is the need for travel insurance before boarding that flight to Iceland.
What do you need to know before spending money on the insurance?


Depending on your country of origin, you might be required to show up with a visa when entering Iceland. If you’re from the United Kingdom, a visa is not necessary but as long as you don’t plan to stay longer than 3 months. Nonetheless, your passport must be in order. Check that the passport doesn’t expire while you’re still in Iceland. If it’s likely to expire before you return home, renew the passport in good time.

Alcohol and Drugs

Hefty penalties are some of the things you have to deal with if you’re convicted of driving under the influence in Iceland. In such matters, the travel insurance would not help you at all. Iceland has very strict laws regarding drink driving. Furthermore, the law labels all drugs illegal. You might end up in prison when caught with what you think is a very small amount of a soft drug. Therefore, be on the safe side. Avoid alcohol or drugs at all costs, especially when driving.


Iceland has some hazardous driving conditions. Therefore, be careful if you intend to drive on the country’s roads during your vacation. Many roads are of loose gravel. The low speed limits are likely to make your journey take longer than you anticipated. Winter tires are mandatory in the winter months, which is from November to April. Be extra careful when visiting geysers, thermal pools, lava flows, volcanoes, barren highlands and waterfalls among others in Iceland.


If you’re from another country in Europe, the validity of the European Health Insurance Card or EHIC will not be in question while in Iceland. Nonetheless, a better approach is to take travel insurance before entering Iceland. An additional medical cover would not be a bad idea either. EHIC doesn’t cover on-going treatment, non-emergency treatment or medical repatriation. The emergency number to call when you need medical assistance is 112.
Don’t leave your country before letting loved ones, friends or neighbors and workmates know your intentions. This is crucial for any person who plans to go backpacking in Iceland. Prepare a travel plan. Let those who are closest to you know that you’re traveling to Iceland. Let them know the date you expect to arrive in Iceland. Let them know the date you should be back from your Iceland vacation. More importantly, leave your contact details with loved ones.
As seen here, it’s worth noting that travel insurance can’t help you with some things. Take responsibility over some aspects of your journey into Iceland. The travel insurance company won’t send a representative to accompany you everywhere you travel around the country. The insurance firm won’t ask one of its representatives to help you make every single decision. Therefore, remember that the goal of the insurance is to make you have peace of mind.