1. Why Your Choice of General Insurance Shouldn’t Depend Solely on Price

It seems the norm to base your choice of general insurance purely on price. Most customers look at the insurance plan and calculate what it means for their pockets. Today, it is easier than ever before to buy an insurance product. You can buy your desired product online. The buying isn’t the issue. What’s the issue is the idea of using price as the only determining factor in choosing the insurance plan to buy. There is more to an insurance product or plan than price. A good plan worth buying has more features than you realize. It is also very important to buy only the insurance for the period required or if only needed for a short time then why not check out the options on one day van insurance with insure for days

What is general insurance?

First, you need to understand what general insurance is. This type of insurance protects you and everything that you value. It protects your car, home and other valuables. It provides adequate protection against anything that could hit you hard – financially. Some of the things this type of insurance protects you against include earthquakes, storms, floods, fire and theft. It also offers protection from events such as car accidents, theft and travel mishaps. The costs of legal action can derail you financially if you don’t have this insurance.

General insurance covers just about anything and everything in your life except your life. The insurance doesn’t last a lifetime. Usually, its term lasts the entirety of a given period of time or a specific economic activity. Usually, the products that fall within the category of general insurance are annual products. Some products here last longer than a year. Therefore, you need to speak with your insurer to learn the exact length of any product you wish to buy in the name of general insurance.

General insurance categories

General insurance consists of the following categories: a) Motor insurance b) Health insurance c) Travel insurance d) Home insurance e) Marine or cargo insurance f) Rural insurance g) Commercial insurance

Gives beneficiaries a good start in life

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General insurance ensures that the beneficiaries never have to start right from scratch once again. It gives the beneficiaries and policyholder the peace of mind. This is because the policyholder knows that his family or dependents are financially safe in case something untoward happens to him. It’s great for a father who wants to leave his children with a good start in life by providing them with the money needed to set off on their chosen career or profession. At times, all that people need is a good financial backing to go on and do exploits. General insurance is capable of replacing the following:  Lost income  Lost money  Damaged property  Destroyed property This form of insurance is also known as non-life insurance. This means it’s the opposite of what you can expect from a life insurance plan. With this product, you never have to worry about the cost of medical treatments. It allows you to cater for the needs of your pets too. The insurance ensures you never have to cater for the accident-related costs. The insurance ensures that your house is protected and adequately secured against natural calamities and fires. Through this insurance, you can repair your car that was recently damaged in an accident. Therefore, look at general insurance deeply instead of using price as the only determinant.