Why does Car Insurance for Ladies Attract Lower Premiums?

As surprising as this may sound, gender plays a role in determining how much you pay in insurance premiums. Car insurance for ladies attracts lower premiums and is like nothing you expect the male drivers to pay.
This has been one of the hottest discussions in the insurance industry. It’s a fact that insurers look at the customer’s gender when calculating the premiums to pay for car insurance. There’s nothing much male drivers can do to reverse this situation.
So, why do female drivers pay lower premiums for car insurance?
First, statistics seem to show that male drivers commit more accidents when on the road. The stats on DUI show that male drivers are more responsible than their female counterparts. Female drivers enjoy lower premiums mainly because they are not notorious for the following:

  • - DUI
  • - Accidents
  • - Speeding offences

Many insurers have created packages specifically for female drivers. With a bit of research, you won’t struggle finding a policy that not only gives you reasonable coverage for the car, but also comes with reasonable terms and affordable rates.

Low accident frequency

Female drivers enjoy lower premiums mainly because of lower accident frequency. Insurers have discovered that female drivers are not as accident-prone as their male colleagues. This saves insurers from paying claims for the women drivers.
More male drivers prefer driving while not wearing seat belts. Female drivers, on the other hand, have no problem wearing seat belts. By not wearing seat belts, the male drivers are at greater risk of suffering serious injuries in accidents compared to their female colleagues.

Fewer speeding tickets

Risky driving is common among men drivers. Female drivers are not as guilty. This often means that women drivers receive fewer speeding tickets. This is great news for insurers, who use this piece of information to charge female drivers lower premiums for car insurance.
Fatal accidents caused by driving above the speed limits are more common with male drivers. The insurer looks into these details too to determine that the female drivers are worthy of lower premiums when buying or renewing car insurance.

Fewer DUI cases

Speak with any traffic officer and you will hear that female drivers are nowhere near men in terms of DUI cases. Male drivers take the award for the most number of DUI cases. Driving while impaired seems to be more of a male-dominated area.
More DUI and DWI convictions translate to higher premiums, which mean male drivers pay more premiums compared to female drivers. Insurers know that female drivers will continue driving longer with clean records compared to men who are likely to be found guilty of DUI.

Car Preference

Car insurance premiums depend on the type of car the driver owns. Male drivers seem to prefer owning cars that cost more to insure. For their part, female drivers have no problem owning and driving cars that are much cheaper to insure. This allows insurers to charge them low premiums.
Female drivers tend to buy cars based on convenience and costs. Male drivers, on the other hand, tend to focus more on buying cars that fit certain image they wish to project. Male drivers are more interested in making statements, thus more likely to pay higher premiums.
Therefore, you now understand why car insurance for ladies attracts lower premiums.