Iceland Introduction

Iceland is considered by many as the number one destination for those in search of riveting nature and compelling photographs. Iceland truly has it all. If you are a natural enthusiast, you'll certainly want to stay in Iceland forever. With a plethora of happy people and unique food, you'll certainly fall in love with this country. From waterfalls and glaciers to mountain chains – you could certainly easily get lost. Hopping on ferries and navigating small dirt roads is only part of the experience when it comes to exploring this gorgeous landscape. Don't think we've forgotten those that love history, as Iceland has a plethora of that too! RVRentalnetwork bringing you the the best deals on holiday campervan hire in Iceland.

Iceland's Ring Road

Iceland's Ring Roast is the most important tour to do in Iceland and is the most extensively driven. Why? It provides the ability to see the entire coast of Iceland. The Ring Road, also known as Route 1, is 800 miles and circulates the entire country. You could technically drive the entire route in 24 hours, but that'd take away from the magnificent scenery you could be seeing.

The Northern Lights:

The Northern Lights, otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis, are visible in a lot of Iceland and are best to be seen from September to April. See the dancing colors in the sky and see what many people long to have seen. The painted skies are completely unique and only seen in so visibly in very few select countries in the world. Iceland is known for having some of the best.

The Golden Circle:

The Golden Circle is seen off of the Ring Road and near the city of Arborg. Here you can see Thingvellir National Park, and see exploding geysers as well as the famous Gullfoss Waterfall. After visiting here, many people will get back on the Ring Road and head to Seljalandsfoss Waterfall (200 ft in the air) or Sk?afoss Waterfall which is nearby.

Whale Watching:

Iceland is great for whale watching, especially in places like Eyjafjörður. See bottlenose whales, humpbacks and mink whales while on this journey. On these whale watching tours that are offered, you can also see the beautiful landscape of mountains and deep green valleys. Iceland is truly a unique and special place!

Driving Rules and Tips

Iceland's weather can change quite drastically on the drop of a hat, so make sure you always come prepared. 4X4 is often recommended, especially in winter. Also, you'll need it just to see some of the off-the-path sights. The general speed limit is around 50 km/h in urban areas, 80km/h on rural gravel areas, and 90km/h on asphalt roads. Please be weary when driving on wildlife popping out in front of you. Have a more experienced driver on the off-road paths! Enjoy Iceland for all its beauty, but be careful and concentrate at all times.

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